Increase Muscle Mass

This is the 12-Week Size Program. Designed to shred you up and give you the lean mass you are looking for:



 For significantly less than the cost of ANY supplements, you can learn how to ACTUALLY build size without powering down supplements that hurt your stomach and – for lack of better words- are probably junk for your results and health, anyway. So why try something that works? 

Size Prep Phase (2 Weeks): This is the fundamental stabilization and endurance phase which will build your endurance and joint integrity to prepare you for later workouts. This will also serve as somewhat of an “off-loading” phase later in the program to prevent overtraining and to make sure that you keep improving your muscle gains!

Size Cycle 1 (4 Weeks): This is your first hypertrophy cycle. You will be increasing your exercise volume, add HIIT to cut fat, and begin to pack on the muscle and get the body you are looking for! Forget the Men’s Fitness Magazine workouts! This is the real deal!

Reset Phase (2 Weeks): This is essentially a repeat of the preparatory phase in order to let your body reset and get back on track for continual muscle growth. This phase prevents overtraining which would severely slow your progress, and makes sure that you keep your muscles balanced.

Size Cycle 2 (4 Weeks): This is the final hypertrophy cycle in the program. This particular cycle increases the volume of exercises yet again and introduces more dynamic core work to make sure you have the washboard to match the rest of your new body!

Keep in mind that you will only see optimal and desired changes in your body composition if you have great nutrition! Only pay $9.99!


You can’t out train a bad diet!

That is why Arizona Vitality includes “phase-specific” Nutrition Checks that you can customize to your body, your schedule, and your training! Emphasizing adequate portions, quality food choices, and appropriate, HEALTHY supplementation to maximize your results and your health!

(Note: Arizona Vitality does not endorse illegal PEDs or illegal substances. Our recommendations are safe and proven to be effective. You should always talk with your MD, RD, ND, or other healthcare professional before following supplement recommendations.)

Program Includes:

  • PDF Download with Program
  • Nutrition Checks to maximize your results!
  • 4 Progress and effective phases!
  • Dynamic Core Progression for rock solid abs!
  • Video demonstrations!
  • Nutrient/Protein-Loaded Shake Recipes!
  • “Suns Out, Guns Out” Supplemental Arm Workout
  • Supplemental Endurance Challenge
  • And more for only $9.99



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